Purnail Review

OTC Treatment Review for Nail Fungus Infections

PurNail is a topically applied OTC nail fungus treatment containing undecylenic acid (antifungal)

PurNail's powerful maximum strength formula is just one of the many reasons that its so highly rated



1 Months


3 Months


5 Months


Application Type/Form

Brush Applicator/Cream

Prescription Required



Vanguard Healthcare Products Inc


  • 1 Bottle $59.95
  • 3 Bottles $119.95
  • 5 Bottles $179.95

Return Policy

60 Days

Active Ingredients

Undecylenic Acid

Other/Inactive Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil, Natural Ingredients, Sunflower Seed Oil.

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Editors’ Reviews

The Best I've Seen In All My Years

PurNail is the best formulation for an Undecylenic Acid product that I have seen in my years of experience. PurNail worked well and expediently in treating my fungal infections. Undecylenic Acid mixed in with Tea Tree Oil is perhaps the best combination possible for treating nail fungus.

Bill Cooper

Safe and Easy to Use

The first concern I always have when trying a new product is whether or not it is going to bother or irritate my skin. I have very delicate skin, as do many others, and I need a product that can treat my infection without giving me any trouble. I really like PurNail, especially its use of Tea Tree Oil, as my favorite treatment for nail infections.

Jenny Marsden

PurNail got here quick

I ordered PurNail and got it right away. The product was a moderate price, but PurNail is so easy to use that it didn’t bother me. Some treatments can take almost half an hour to apply. PurNail takes five minutes in the morning and in the evening. It got here right away, it was convenient to use, and left me time to do the other things in my life I need to do. I can’t ask for better results than that.

Miles Johnson